Genealogy Sil Summerskill


Ahnentafel Sil Summerskill
Edward Pretorius Katherine McMichaels Pinhead Joanne (Joey) Summerskill Leland Gaunt Polly Chalmers Freddy Krueger Nancy Thompson
Carl McMichaels Kristie Summerskill Alan Chalmers Cat Thompson
Jim Summerskill Polly Thompson
Sil Summerskill

From the Kappa variant universes of:

  1. From Beyond (as depicted in the year 1986)
  2. Hellraiser (as depicted in the year 1992)
  3. Needful Things (as depicted in the year 1993
  4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (as depicted in 1984)

Sil Summerskill was a special double agent component of Slaytrekx infiltrating Zirkon.