Trish Theron


The 'Valens Kappa' universe, part of the Free Love Kappa cluster of Multi-Multiverses, was ruled by Vampires that had almost total control of their entire Earth. Before they rose to power, very little was known about them.

In the year 1991 the Vampire Retuow Snof made a large hotel in Leiden his base of operations and from there he started a war that within two years made the entire planet his personal toy. Several people tried to stop him but they either became slaves, died or, worse, became Vampires themselves. Two of those were Trent Kegarson and Eddie Tsjeng. Other men found the idea of becoming Vampires to irresistible and asked to be turned. Two of those were Henk Klaviertoets and Heretren Zirkon, a man already an evil demon.
The three most powerful Vampires in existance formed the Triumvirate and consisted of Trent Kegarson, Retuow Snof and Henk Klaviertoets. Their most important servant was their Vizier, Heretren Zirkon.
The manner in which they had become masters of the world was through seduction, not by brute force. They seduced people in willingly becoming their servants in any way they desired. Millions of able men were willing to serve in their armies. Millions of beautiful women were willing to serve in their harems. The rest, billions of people, became regular servants and mostly cattle providing blood as if they were milk cows providing milk. Even those that resisted initially surrendered after a maximum of 100 days of pure seduction. In the end all seemed happy to serve.
In the beginning the ratio of male to female Vampires was 10 to 1 which created a lot of Vampire male / Human female relationships. Another complicating factor was that there was a 33% chance that out of Vampire/Vampire relationships the unborn Vampires would teeth in the womb endangering the mother greatly. Creating new life had to be done as much as possible with Human females and male Vampires. Their offspring would be Dhampirs and perfectly safe for the mother. After giving birth the Human mothers were turned into Vampires. Later when the ratio drifted to 50/50, female Vampires sought out Human males to seduce. These relationships gave birth to Dhampirs also. Human males had zero resistance to female Vampires. Seduction was 100% successful within 100 seconds after the seduction started. No Human man could resist.
The four powerful Vampire men (the Masters) that ruled the world had in common that they were absolutely addicted to power and to beautiful Human females. Making beautiful and powerful Dhampirs with those women was the ultimate form of Art.
They sought out the most beautiful women in the world and after they captured them the Vampires started to seduce them. The four women tried to resist but in the end, before 100 days were over, they surrendered. The Four Masters were happy to share and wanted to mix the genes in every way possible. The four Human husbands of the women were forced to watch it all and were kept alive as the personal slaves of the Four Masters.
In the year 1993 the first four Dhampirs were born and in the years following each Human woman gave birth to the offspring of another Master. By the year 1996 an elite of 16 super Dhampirs were born and within 40 years the Four Master Vampires were the proud great grandfathers of the four most beautiful Dhampirs ever. The mothers were turned into Vampires in 1997 and their former husbands became their personal food. When the husbands started to get older the wifes turned them into Vampires as well.

The four Dhampir offspring (P.A.K.S.) were:

  1. Patricia Kegarson;
  2. Katherine Klaviertoets;
  3. Susan Snof; and
  4. Amanda Zirkon.

Their Human mothers (M.A.S.K) were:
  1. Katherine Alice "Kate" Phoenix (wife of Wally Valens);
  2. Maria Elizabeth "Marlie" Locke (wife of Benjamin Katrest);
  3. Amanda Susan Parker (wife of Jeff Hunter); and
  4. Scarlett Danielle Theron (wife of Eddie Tsjeng).

The Vampire fathers were:
  1. Trent Kegarson;
  2. Retuow Snof;
  3. Henk Klaviertoets; and
  4. Heretren Zirkon.

The mothers of the Dhampirs and their husbands became lovers again when the Four Masters got bored with the mothers and formed a group marriage that called itself 'Infinity', because their number was '8' which looked like the symbol for 'infinity' on its side.
'Infinity' became heavily involved in the upbringing of their great grandchildren en told them stories about the world before it was ruled by Vampires. Deep inside 'Infinity' felt it had betrayed the Human race and through education of 'P.A.K.S.' they wanted to make good.
Without the Four Masters knowing what was going on 'P.A.K.S.' turned away from their cause and they started to listen to their other great grandparents of 'Infinity'. They learned the secret of perfect harmony and love and merged into one, single, super Dhampir in the year 2066.
The newly formed collective super Dhampier called herself 'Trish Theron' and she made her teachers of 'infinity' proud with her powers, her beauty and her kind heart.
Trish Theron, the hottest Dhampir ever, was the most seductive woman in the entire Multi-Multiverse. She was a free agent now and she was able to seduce anyone she wanted. And she did...
That wasn't her only power. She also had:
  1. The ability to teleport through time, space and other dimensions, as if she was a living TARDIS, and could even take others with her on her journeys.
  2. Infect other people with all of her bodily fluids, giving them the ability of genetic memory. All of her offspring knew what she knew until the moment of their conception. All those she infected begot the same ability.
  3. Hyper Hypnosis / Senses Manipulation. From her Vampiric aspects, enhanced with powers she got from her ancestors, she had the power to take over other peoples minds and senses. Her favorite trick was perceptionshifting, making people see her like someone else. And not just see, but also hear, smell, taste and feel. Her power was so great she even influenced all registrations of all senses, not only biological but also chemical and electronical. She easily fooled people, other animals and even all kinds of registration devices such as cameras and recorders. She only used the perceptionshifting because she enjoyed using it, fooling other people. In fact, she didn't even need it actually. She also took everyone she wanted purely with her own natural charms. The perceptionshifting was a tool to 'testdrive' people before she officially seduced them as her self.

Because they feared the Four Masters would abuse the powers of Trish to become even more powerful 'Infinity' advised Trish to flee their universe for the time being and she fled 80 years into the past to the year 1986 and into the multiverse.

Wandering across several universes, she discovered the universe that was called 'Valens Alpha', and she decided it to call it her new home and the man she wanted 'hers'. The man in question was the Wally Valens of the 'Valens Alpha' universe and he was the best version of him she had ever met. The best lover she had ever had. Her love for this version of Wally Valens only grew stronger and stronger and the empathic connection she had with her fellow Dhampirs back home caused them to want the same thing: true love and freedom. Not the enslaving love that ruled the 'Valens Kappa' universe.

The Four Master Vampires found out about the exitance of Trish Theron and Trish became known as 'the one that got away and begot true love and freedom'.
Together with all of their armies the Four Masters called themselves 'The Masters of Passion' and went back in time to the year 2013 and they invaded the 'Valens Alpha' universe.
It turned out to be their final mistake. They encountered the group 'Septet' and they were utterly destroyed. The 'Valens Kappa' universe was finally free!
'Infinity' were the very few Vampires still alive and they formed a peaceful alliance between Vampires, Humans and Dhampirs in the 'Valens Kappa' universe.

Later, within Kegar, Trish Theron turned out to be the concept prototye of the merged being, and became a regent component within Slaytrekx.