Genealogy Patricia "Trish" Theron


Ahnentafel Patricia "Trish" Theron
Trent Kegarson Katherine Alice "Kate" Phoenix Retuow Snof Maria Elizabeth "Marlie" Locke, clone of Heather Heidi Locke Henk Klaviertoets Amanda Susan Parker Eddie Tsjeng Scarlett Danielle Theron
Kegar Kegarson Lilith Snof Henricus Klaviertoets Marlie Theron
Henricus Snof Amanda Theron
Patricia "Trish" Theron

From the Valens Kappa universe.

Trish, a hot dhampir, was the most seductive woman in the entire multiverse. She was able to seduce anyone she wanted. And she did...
That wasn't her only power. She also had:

  1. The ability to teleport through time, space and other dimensions, as if she was a living TARDIS, and could even take others with her on her journeys.
  2. Infect other people with all of her bodily fluids, giving them the ability of genetic memory. All of her offspring knew what she knew until the moment of their conception. All those she infected begot the same ability.
  3. Hyper Hypnosis. From her vampiric aspects, enhanced with powers she got from her ancestors, she had the power to take over other peoples minds and senses. Her favorite trick was perceptionshifting, making people see her like someone else. And not just see, but also hear, smell, taste and feel.

Patricia "Trish" Theron was a totally artificially created special double agent component of Slaytrekx infiltrating Zirkon.