Genealogy Bruce Pike


Ahnentafel Bruce Pike
Luc La Forge Alex Danvers Bruce Pike Sara Lance John Repus Felicity Smoak Lee Logan Armin Pike Caitlin Snow Basil Blackadder Jessica Jones Bertram de Kat Misty Knight Remray Melinda May Shane Ford Colleen Wing
Jack Danvers Kate Pike Oliver Smoak Iris Snow David Jones Rebecca Knight Isaac May Daisy Wing
Stephen Pike Dinah Snow Luke Knight Jane Wing
Alexander Pike Rachel Knight
Bruce Pike

From the universes of:

  1. the Mitchell Metaverse
  2. DC Arrowverse Earth-38 (as depicted in the years 2015-2019)
  3. DC Arrowverse Earth-1 (as depicted in the years 2012-2019)
  4. Valens Alpha Universe
  5. The Kegar Multi Metaverse
  6. The Infinite Fractal Multi-Multiverse
  7. Marvel Comics Cinematic Universe / Earth-199999 (as depicted in the years 2012-2019)

Bruce Pike was an agent component of Slaytrekx.