Genealogy Peter Troy


Ahnentafel Peter Troy
Garfield Logan Rachel Roth Wally West Donna Troy Richard Greyson Koriand'r Victor Stone Ororo Munroe Piotr Rasputin Kitty Pryde Scott Summers Jean Grey Kurt Wagner Jenet Klyburn Charles Xavier Lilandra Neramani
Clark Kent Lois Lane Peter Parker Mary Jane Watson Bruce Banner Elizabeth Ross Bruce Wayne Diana Prince Dick Roth Iris Troy Gar Greyson Jean Stone Peter Pryde Rachel Summers Logan Wagner Gaby Xavier
Jonathan Kent May Parker Rick Banner Talia Wayne Richard Troy Ororo Summers Scott Pryde Jean Wagner
Peter Kent Elizabeth Wayne Gar Troy Rachel Pryde
Jon Kent Jeaan Troy
Peter Troy

From the universe of:

  1. Silver/Bronze Ages Earth-7642 Marvel Comics / DC Crossover Earth (as depicted in the years 1976-1982)

Peter Troy was an agent component of Slaytrekx.