Genealogy Walter Scott Gunn

This is the epic tale of the birth of one of the most powerful beings to come out of the amalgam Metaverse created by Gary Mitchell during the great Stargate/Star Trek crossover.
From several locations in time, space and dimensions, people were taken from their place and dropped on a world created by the man that took them. A man that, as it turned out, was none other than Walter Gunn himself, making sure he would be born. He named the world ‘Birth World’ and the people he took remained there without aging. They lived, loved and gave birth to the next generation. Walter Gunn made sure that when he himself was conceived everything would be as perfect as possible, even down to his own DNA.
Feeling lonely he also created another world on which he made sure the perfect woman for him would be born. Her name was
Amora Blake. Together they had a son named Scott Gunn. He, living in a polyamorous culture, also found love in the arms of Drusila of Magna Roma from the Star Trek universe and Mara Sun. With both women he had children too.
For each relationship in context of Slaytrekx Walter created another world and stars to be accompanied by all those. All in all he created a small galaxy. A crown jewel in the heart of the being Kegar that was ruled by the Slaytrekx components within itself.

Walter Scott Gunn was a regent component of Slaytrekx.

Ahnentafel Walter Scott Gunn
William Gunn Erica Richards James Tiberius Kirk Samantha Carter
Wesley Gunn Catherine Kirk
Walter Scott Gunn

From the universes of:

Ahnentafel William Gunn
Benjamin Gunn Angelina Scott Jonathan Angel Susan Rozhenko
Pete Gunn Jessica Angel
William Gunn

From the the Mitchell Metaverse.

Ahnentafel Erica Richards
Keith Richards Samantha Jackson Tony Blake Elizabeth Sheppard
Mick Richards Jane Blake
Erica Richards

From the the Mitchell Metaverse.

Ahnentafel Benjamin Gunn
Charles Gunn Cordelia Chase (demon/human hybrid) Alexander "Xander" Lavelle Harris Buffy Anne Summers (slayer) Daniel "Oz" Osbourne (werewolf) Willow Rosenberg (witch) Rupert Giles Jennifer Calendar (cyber witch) Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Illyria Winifred "Fred" Burkle (demongoddess/human hybrid) Robin Wood Faith Lehane (slayer) Allen Francis Doyle (demon/human hybrid) Anya Christina Emmanuelle Jenkins (demon/human hybrid) Lorne Tara Maclay (witch)
Jim Gunn Joyce Harris Lex Osbourne Janna Giles Alexander Wyndam-Pryce Nicole Wood Alex Doyle Willow Maclay
Jack Gunn Jane Osbourne William Wyndam-Pryce Aud Doyle
John Gunn Amy Wyndam-Pryce
Benjamin Gunn

The first generation ancestors of Benjamin Gunn was taken from the Buffyverse as it was depicted in the period 1997-2004. Once deposited on Birth World nature took its course and several liaisons developed resulting in the birth of the second generation. With each generation their powers grew and the end result was one of the most powerful mystic heroes in the Metaverse: Benjamin Gunn.

Ahnentafel Angelina Scott
Montgomery Scott Nyota Uhura Spock Christine Chapel Leonard Horatio McCoy Tonia Barrows Hikaru Sulu Janice Rand Pavel Andreievich Chekov Martha Landon Esteban Rodriguez Teresa Ross Kevin Riley Doris Atkins Christopher Pike J.M. Colt
Peter Scott Amanda Chapel Horatio McCoy Lana Sulu Piotr Chekov Diana Rodriguez James Riley Andrea Pike
Sam Scott Tina McCoy William Chekov Pamela Riley
George Scott Amy Chekov
Angelina Scott

Angelina Scott’s first ancestors came from the universe of Star Trek as it was depicted in the period 1966-1986. They brought with them intelligence, wisdom and a great sense of adventure and beauty.

Ahnentafel Jonathan Angel
Connor Angel Nina Ash Andrew Wells Gwen Raiden Jonathan Levinson Kendra Young Riley Finn Sam Finn David Nabbit Lilah Morgan Jesse McNally Anne Steele Graham Miller Virginia Bryce Forrest Gates Kate Lockley
William Angel Angela Wells Henry Levinson Liz Finn Wes Nabbit Alexandra McNally Magnus Miller Maria Gates
Richard Angel Sara Levinson Liam Nabbit Anne Miller
Nathan Angel Vicky Nabbit
Jonathan Angel

Jonathan Angel’s ancestors came from the same source as those of Benjamin Gunn.

Ahnentafel Susan Rozhenko
Worf Jadzia Benjamin Lafayette Sisko Kira Nerys Julian Bashir Ezri Miles Edward O'Brien Keiko Ishikawa Jean-Luc Picard Beverly Howard William Thomas Riker Deanna Troi Geordi La Forge Leah Brahms John Garrovick Jo Harris
Rick Worf Rozhenko Jenny Sisko Jacob Bashir Molly O'Brien Johnny Picard Tasha Riker Richard La Forge Vandi Garrovick
Henry Rozhenko Jenny Bashir Wiliam Picard Lisa La Forge
John Rozhenko Leah Picard
Susan Rozhenko

Susan Rozhenko’s people from the universes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as depicted in the years 1993-1999, Star Trek: The Next Generation, as depicted in the years 1987-1994, and Starship Exeter, as depicted in the years 2004-2014. They brought with them great moral strength and a certain degree of control over time itself.

Ahnentafel Keith Richards
Reed Richards Susan Storm Scott Summers Jean Grey Charles Xavier Jennifer Walters Peter Benjamin Parker Felicia Hardy Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde The Vision Wanda Maximoff Henry 'Hank' McCoy Carol Danvers Stephen Strange Clea
Franklin Richards Rachel Anne Summers Bruce Xavier Gwen Parker Pete Rasputin Kara Maximoff Walter McCoy Liz Strange
Jonathan Richards Jennifer Xavier Stephen Rasputin Lana McCoy
David Richards Susan Rasputin
Keith Richards

The first group of ancestors of Keith Richards (not to be confused with the talented Glimmer Twin guy) was taken from the Silver/Bronze Ages Earth-616 Marvel Comics universe as it was depicted in the period 1961-1985. They were power incarnate.

Ahnentafel Samantha Jackson
Daniel Jackson Sha're Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill Janet Fraiser Teal'c of Chulak Drey'auc of the Cord'ai Plains Nicholas Rush Amanda Perry Everett Young Tamara Johansen Eli Wallace Ginn Matthew Scott Chloe Armstrong Ronald Greer Lisa Park
Jonathan Jackson Samantha O'Neill Rya'c of Chulak Lisa Perry Scott Young Chloe Wallace Eli Scott Angela Greer
George Jackson Samantha of Chulak John Young Amanda Scott
Danny Jackson Chloe Young
Samantha Jackson

Samantha Jackson’s first ancestors came from the universe of Stargate as it was depicted in the period 1997-2011. They were some of the greatest space faring heroes of the twentyfirst century.

Ahnentafel Tony Blake
Thor Sif Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova Benjamin "Ben" Jacob Grimm Alicia Masters Henry Jonathan "Hank" Pym Janet Van Dyne Sam Guthrie Danielle Moonstar Norrin Radd Frankie Raye Brian Braddock Meggan Kyle Richmond Patricia "Patsy" Walker
Eric Blake Tara Stark Reed Grimm Jennifer Pym Robert Guthrie Susan Radd Kurt Braddock Linda Richmond
Olaf Blake Susan Grimm Charles Guthrie Megan Broddock
Don Blake Rachel Guthrie
Tony Blake

The first group of ancestors of Tony Blake was taken from the Silver/Bronze Ages Earth-616 Marvel Comics universe as it was depicted in the period 1961-1985.

Ahnentafel Elizabeth Sheppard
John Sheppard Teyla Emmagan Meredith Rodney McKay Jennifer Keller Walter Harriman Elizabeth Weir Carson Beckett Anne Teldy George Hammond Kate Heightmeyer Jonas Quinn Lindsey Novak Radek Zelenka Alison Porter Evan Lorne Alicia Vega
Jack Sheppard Jean McKay Jon Weir Maria Beckett Jack Hammond Samantha Quinn John Zalenka Elizabeth Lorne
Sean Sheppard Alice Weir Dan Hammond Alison Zalenka
John Sheppard Kate Hammond
Elizabeth Sheppard

Elizabeth Sheppard’s first ancestors came from the universe of Stargate as it was depicted in the period 1997-2011. They were some of the greatest space faring heroes of the twentyfirst century.