Genealogy Walter Valentine


Ahnentafel Walter Valentine
Walter Harriman Rebecca "Beka" B. Valentine Walter Skinner Jill Valentine Walter Bascom Sonya Valentine Walter O'Brien Mary Valentine
Adrian Valentine Dana Skinner Jake Bascom Joanna O'Brien
Wesley Valentine Beth Bascom
Walter Valentine

From the universes of:

  1. Stargate (as depicted in the years 1997-2011)
  2. Andromeda (as depicted in the year 2000)
  3. The X-Files (as depicted in the year 1994)
  4. Resident Evil (as depicted in the year 2004)
  5. TekWar (as depicted in the year 1994)
  6. Continuum (as depicted in the year 2012)
  7. Scorpion (as depicted in the years 2014-2018)
  8. Valens Alpha

Walter Valentine was a legistative component of Slaytrekx.