Genealogy River Pike


Ahnentafel River Pike
The Guardian of Forever The Doctor's TARDIS Type 40, Mark 3 The M'Kraan Christal / The Nexus of All Realities The Key / Dawn Summers The Library The Warehouse The American Museum of Natural History Hangar 51
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce River Tam The Sentinel of Space and Time The Mistress of All Dimensions The Library Warehouse The Hangar Museum
Oscar Nathan Charles Christopher Logan Emmy, de Kristallen Godin The Matt Pike The Storage
Oscar Logan Junior The Mykastar Pike
River Pike

From the realities of:

  1. Star Trek (as depicted in the years 1966-1986)
  2. Doctor Who (as depicted in the years 1963-2022)
  3. Silver/Bronze Ages Earth-616 Marvel Comics (as depicted in the years 1961-1985)
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as depicted in the years 1997-2004)
  5. Firefly (as depicted in the year 2002)
  6. The Librarian (as depicted in the years 2004-2014)
  7. Alphas/Eureka/Warehouse 13 (as depicted in the years 2006-2014)
  8. A Night at the Museum (as depicted in the years 2006-2014)
  9. Indiana Jones (as depicted in the years 1981-2008)
  10. NKSF Survivor 2006 Metaverse
  11. The Infinite Fractal Multi-Multiverse
  12. The Kegar Multi Metaverse

All objects include everything and everyone that was ever inside of them.

River Pike became an ancestor of Lee Logan Armin Pike and was an agent component of Slaytrekx.