Genealogy The Matt Pike


Ahnentafel The Matt Pike
Gomtuu Moya The William Decker The United Planets Cruiser C-57D The Firefly U.A.P./Hera Serenity 404-E-132-4FE274A The Katherine Pike Deep Space Vehicle 2 / The Liberator The City-ship Atlantis Astroship XB982 The Battlestar Galactica The Starship U.S.S. Orville ECV-197 The Raza The Millennium Falcon Euro 5 The Marco Polo Babylon 5
The John Elbrun The Altaira Decker / Ilia / V'Ger The Mal Pike The Jenna Weir The Ravian Adama The Portia Finn The Peter Solo The Susan Rhodan
The Will Elbrun The Inara Pike The Marcus Finn The Leia Rhodan
The Matthew Pike The Laureline Finn
The Matt Pike

From the realities of:

  1. Star Trek (as depicted in the years 1966-2005)
  2. Farscape (as depicted in the years 1999-2003)
  3. the Mitchell Metaverse
  4. Forbidden Planet (as depicted in the year 1956)
  5. Firefly (as depicted in the year 2002)
  6. Blake's 7 (as depicted in the years 1978–1981)
  7. Stargate (as depicted in the years 1997-2011)
  8. Valérian and Laureline (as depicted in the year 1978)
  9. Battlestar Galactica (as depicted in the year 1978)
  10. The Orville (as depicted in the year 2017)
  11. Dark Matter (as depicted in the year 2015)
  12. Star Wars (as depicted in the year 1977)
  13. Euro 5 (as depicted in the years 1976-1986)
  14. Perry Rhodan (as depicted in the years 1961-1985)
  15. Babylon 5 (as depicted in the years 1994–1999)

All objects include everything and everyone that was ever inside of them.

The Matt Pike became an ancestor of Lee Logan Armin Pike and was an agent component of Slaytrekx.