Genealogy The William Decker


Ahnentafel The William Decker
Willard Decker / Ilia / V'Ger The Moonbase Alpha The Star Cluster The Promet The USSC Discovery One XD-1 The Event Horizon The Starjammer The Nostromo
The John Decker The Vivien Laurr The David Starck The Ellen Summers
The James Decker The Altaira Moss
The William Decker

From the realities of:

  1. Star Trek (as depicted in the years 1966-1986)
  2. Space: 1999 (as depicted in the years 1975-1977)
  3. The Mixed Men (as depicted in the years 1952-1955)
  4. Raumschiff Promet (as depicted in the year 1977)
  5. 2001: A Space Odyssey  (as depicted in the year 1968)
  6. Event Horizon (as depicted in the year 1997)
  7. Silver/Bronze Ages Earth-616 Marvel Comics (as depicted in the years 1961-1985)
  8. Alien (as depicted in the year 1979)

All objects include everything and everyone that was ever inside of them.

The William Decker became an ancestor of Lee Logan Armin Pike and was an agent component of Slaytrekx.