Genealogy Victoria Mary Vance


Ahnentafel Victoria Mary Vance
Carl Vance Eliza Benson Chris Lee Winona Myles Jacob Lord Julie Munroe Jack Tapping Megan MacGraw Wally Marin Adrian Valens Amanda Susan Parker Sean Terstark II, son of Heather Heidi Locke Lizette Oase John Sands Linda Alice Cohan Mike Nichols Anne Bell Sean Richards Rachel Day Don Enigma Emma Honey Phoenix Tom Hanson Rose McGrath Jack Johnson Keira Garner Tim Zimbalist Emily Bree Kelton Jason Michaels Lena Tyler Sam Winters Jennifer Milano Danny Jackson Amy Michelle Katic
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Benjamin Anthony Vance Barbara Cornelia Parker John Richards Jane Zimbalist
Balthasar Adrian Vance Rachel Joanna Richards
Victoria Mary Vance

From the Valens Alpha universe.
Victoria 'Vicky' Vance was the woman who created 4,095 Multi-Multiverses. A 'cousin' of hers, Zeppo Dunsel, merged those Multi-Multiverses into the being Kegar, using Amanda Parker, a woman with very interesting beginnings, as a focal point.
Kegar was internally ruled by the internal being called Slaytrekx.

Victoria Mary Vance was a regent component of Slaytrekx. Vicky married Tim Pilot and their son, Thomas Balthasar Pilot, was the leader of Slaytrekx.